Our Promise

Satisfaction guaranteed.


On-Trend Advice

The current food and beverage landscape in China requires a keen understanding of and attention to the millennial, rising middle class and growing niche markets. Touch points like culture, trends and technology are some of the most important assets to consider.


Agile Service

We are a small company, and we act like one. We are lean, disruptive, and quick to react to the ever-changing market space.


Bridging the Gap

Our experience and network on the ground enable us to help global brands understand the market. We understand and illuminate the multitude of ways the East and West can work together.


Insider Experience

We’re not just F&B marketing experts advising others; we take pride in the concepts, products, and experiences we contribute to the F&B landscape ourselves. We have hands-on experience telling food stories in the Chinese landscape, which makes us better able to help clients tell theirs.


Collected Experts

We take pride in collaborating with experts in all facets of food and beverage, including our clients. We believe in working with outside talent towards the common goal of bringing our clients the best and most holistic service.