Happy Ending

A late night donut pop up

Taste Collective transformed a daytime retail space into a late night labyrinth of donuts and debauchery, bringing the Happy Ending donut shop to Shanghai for a limited two night pop up.

The Idea


Happy Ending is the late-night fantasy and rainbow-sprinkled love child of three Shanghai dwelling donut dreamers.

Older, none the wiser, and no less full of wonder, we were hard pressed in Shanghai to find those nostalgic tastes and smells of our childhood. How could we reimagine that feeling of wondrous mischief that donuts brought to our lives when we were young, but on adult terms? An idea was born and we were on a mission for donut debauchery.


Donuts were a relief and an indulgence when we were kids: an occasion to celebrate, a break from the norm, a guilty pleasure. There was mischief and marvel in a big box of donuts, wide eyes and sticky mouths.

golden arches.gif

Happy Ending is an escape from the ordinary. A rendezvous for old friends and new. A neon-lit labyrinth for late night lovers. A cheeky smack on the lips. A cocktail or three. A hazy hit of sugar and spice. Donuts too.


The Project