We're Here, and We're Hungry


The food and beverage market in China is rich with opportunity and ideas, but over our combined decade operating in the marketing and hospitality sectors, we have witnessed firsthand the formidable risks and recurring disconnects between key stakeholders that cause brands to falter or fail in their quest to crack this dizzying and dynamic market.

Photo by  Jay  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jay on Unsplash

In China, a melange of cultural, commercial, and bureaucratic forces and nuances intertwine to set the ground rules for brands and products looking to enter and operate in the market. International brands are faced with high barriers to entry in a hyper competitive and evolving millennial market, often lacking market specific experience, insight, and networks. These conditions can contribute to stories of unpleasant surprise, distrust, and failure, as brands navigate enigmatic and tantalising waters.

Photo by  Jason Leung  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

That’s where we come in.

We’re an unconventional food collective. We’ve spent time on the ground generating the insight and experience necessary to help others actualise their goals. We’re passionate about the food we eat and the stories we tell. We put our name to what we believe in, and we’re excited about the ways we can help amplify ideas and contribute to the urban food landscape in China.  

We believe food and stories connect the world, and a population of over 1.3 billion is the right place to put our beliefs to the test.

We’re creators and we’re operators. We’re eaters and we’re drinkers. We’re listeners and we’re storytellers. We see things differently. We’re agile and we act without ego. We are on the pulse of what’s happening and we’re hungry for what’s next. We thrive off collaboration and innovation, we are passionate about storytelling, and we balance our enthusiasm for quixotic experience with grounded, insightful market perspective.

Photo courtesy of  Taste Collective

Photo courtesy of Taste Collective

We’re here for F&B brands who want to tell their story effectively and creatively to the Chinese market, and we’re here for people who want to see the inspiration and stories in the food and experiences they consume.

We are here for you.

We believe an idea or brand is only as powerful as its resonance in the market and community, and we apply this perspective to all that we do - from events to experiential marketing, from concept creation to content strategy, from market entry to validation services.

We ideate and execute tailored food and beverage solutions for anyone looking to enter or optimise their position in the Chinese market, and we do so with passion. We have the creative knowledge as well as the operational insight: we are creatives and operators, the insider and the insight.


About Us

Taste Collective ideates and executes tailored food and beverage solutions for brands looking to enter or optimise their position in the Chinese market. Take the next step and send us a message - we can’t wait to hear from you.