Harnessing the power of stories for impact and connection

In Shanghai, the scene for live cultural entertainment is largely limited to comedy, lectures and theatre. Unravel is the first - and only of its kind - live storytelling platform, where regular people share authentic stories from their lives loosely inspired by an abstract theme and curated into a show. The platform is then reinforced and supported by the community of people it creates, and is curated for.

The Idea


Unravel is a platform for human connection.

Our mission is to facilitate the awareness of and engagement with our shared humanity. Stories are the most fundamental reminder that there is so much more that connects than divides us.

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Unravel Live

Unravel is a storytelling platform, premised on a monthly live show. At each show, a group of storytellers recount authentic stories from their own lives loosely inspired by a given theme. Each live show is a unique combination of venue, theme, and storyteller lineup.


Unravel by the Numbers